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Chang Jiang LT1050 in 1/55 by Kaidiwei Options · View
Posted: Thursday, September 05, 2019 4:24:09 AM
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Chang Jiang is a chinese crane manufacturer that was 50% acquired by Terex in 2006. China laws only allow foreigners to acquire up to 50% of any major motor company.

The Terex site does not have the pdf specs for the real crane. There are scattered available specs around. See here:


Gross weight93,696 lbsMaximum lift capacity110,231 lbsCE markedYesMax lifting capacity at end of jib110,231 lbsBoom length131 feetEmission levelStage IILuffing jib49.2 feetJib length of crane35.4 feetMaximum lift height179 feetHook height of crane - horizontal jib131 feetHook height of crane - luffed jib180 feetOriginal colorYellowCarrier engine50Upper engineWEICHAI WD615.44Transport dimensions (LxWxH)13150*2750*3625inchesCarrier typeWheeledGuaranteeOMICFront tires / undercarriage remaining100 %Rear tires remaining 10 %Production countryChinaDelivery termsFOB, CFR, CIFCertificatesCEAdditional InformationSecond hand CHANGJIANG LT1050 Truck Crane
Operating weight: 50t
Total weight: 42500kg
Rated power: 243kw
Top speed: 70km/h
Max lifting height: 54.6m
Engine: WEICHAI WD615.44
Boom length: 10.8-40m
Jib length: 9.2-15m
Max total length(boom length+ jib length): 55m

So with the basics out, lets get to the 1/55 model:

First, I paid $31usd for this on ebay. so obviously you can't compared to head to head with what most of us on here usually spend close to $100 for even the lowest new "collector qualifty" models. But if you just want something cheap and small to play with on the desk and not worry about breaking it, while still have at least some features, this might work.

Asia Models makes a slightly bigger 1/50 better quality one for around 80-100 usd if you prefer that

The one I got is the cheaper 1/55 made by Kaidiwei:

Package: simple box with plastic tray and clear plastic cover. model fully assembled. there are two pins provided (only one needed, one is spare) to secure the swing jib on the top of the boom. nothing else needed.

Details: Some decent details at the bottom showing some portion of the drivetrain.. Outtriggers are extendable, but are flimpsy and won't support wheel free because they are not very strong and also the outtrigger are fixed and cannot be unscrewed to lower to touch ground completely. if spreader plates are used, then can have wheel up but the outtriggers bend a fair amount so does not look realistic and risk breaking. There is a front supporting jack in front of the foremost axle but it's also fixed.

Textured deck. Plastic hydraulic cylinder.

The front 4 wheels are linked when turning. However some of the 8 wheels do not quite spin when crane is moving because they don't touch the surface enough. There is no suspension.

The upper slews 360 degree and click in increments. Not the smoothest but does ok. no separate counterweights as the upper is basically one unit. Very limited detail of the cabs

The boom can be raised almost vertical but is stiff due to plastic cylinder. Extended boom segments held in position due to mild friction and nothing else.

Feature: the single line hook is metal and pivot. Crane can be shown with using only the 4 section boom or with a half length 1 segment jib or full length 2 segment jib.

There are two winches with both have threads but only one is operated and used.

Quality and Price: Passable. then again it's only $30 bucks and you can have a small crane to play with on the desk and not have to worry about anything

Feel free to ask questions or comment. thanks.

Tallest configuration: about 37in or over 50m in scale:

Other configurations:

Next to a Grove TM1500, the LT1050 is definitely a significantly smaller crane. Both at 1/55

Posted: Thursday, September 05, 2019 4:35:22 AM
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Pulleys are plastic and spin. there is a pulley on the main boom as well as the end of both segments of the jib. the hook is all metal.
Posted: Thursday, September 05, 2019 7:47:30 AM
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actually there is a small pin that lock each boom segment at 100% extended, but it's a fairly shallow pin so don't count on it to hold too much extra weight but it does keep everything extended.
Posted: Thursday, September 05, 2019 4:57:57 PM
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Forgot to say maximum extended height is about 37in or just slightly lower than the maximum real life scale height.
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