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Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2021 12:06:08 AM
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Ironstef70 wrote:
Guys, if you think that this project is impressive, that's just like a cat being compared to a Siberian tiger.

This Frenchman almost made me fall from my chair this weekend.
He's taken more than 15 years scratchbuilding a LR1400 in brass, in 1:16 scale. We got in touch through YouTube, as he cannot post here.
He also does crane conversions, and completed a couple using custom made components in brass.
Way more professional than my current mod. He seems to custom build each of his parts.

You've gotta take a look at this:

The LR1400

A couple RC crane conversions

In operation:

Phil's YouTube channel

Applause Applause Applause

OMGOSH, I am beyond amazed by the video of this crane. And I am so impressed. I hope others take a look at it.
Posted: Sunday, January 24, 2021 11:10:11 PM

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Custom hook blocks almost completed. The paint job is in progress, but the pulleys are in transit somewhere around the globe.

Clockwise from top left: Manitowoc 400tons, Liebherr 1000t, 100t and 325t.

100% guaranteed against zinc rot Confused I will put them on the scale once completed.

They are swivel in every axis, and the 1000t on top right has seven pivots for realistic operation.

I noticed online some who made such RC conversions added some weights on the cable, just atop of their hook blocks, pretty much as the lead you'd put beyond the hook on a fishing line.
Standard die cast hook blocks are almost useless, unless you maintain a significant weight in the hook. Meaning you almost cannot operate a crane without a significant load in its hook, not the bigger hooks anyways. Lots of cable skipping and the friction between the sheaves is stronger than the gravity force from the light diecast hook blocks. And that gets even worse with stiffer cables (stainless braided, even the tiniest ones).

Speaking of cables, I am currently updating the drum motors frames I have made as spares (see previous page picture of December 6), and tread them so I can use M2 screws for bolting them to the masts, as replacements to the plastic Conrad pins, which are a pain to install and remove.

The idea is to be able to easily swap drum motors and use different cables combinations with the following hooks. I do have black fishing line (Musty master or such), but also 0.2mm stainless wire, and 0.3 braided/PVC coated wire, as I am currently using for the A-frame.

I can't wait trying those. But I'd tend to be confident.

Custom hook built. by Ironstef70, sur Flickr"/>


Playing with toys since 1970, now building them.
Posted: Monday, February 15, 2021 10:37:48 PM

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Thanks to great stuff received recently from YCC, I was able to complete the hook blocks with the missing brass sheaves.

Also, the LR has got full metal pennant lines (to which I have replaced the standard plastic, although well detailed, connectors from YCC by custom stainless hammer-riveted pins).

I then added several CNC machined metal (polished bronze steel) parts (SL A & B sheaves connectors, then main boom sheaves support) from Shapeways.

The only remaining plastic part on the crane is the A frame sheaves support, then the cab interior. No more plastic pins anywhere: either custom (stainless) / M2 anodized steel bolt, or YCC connectors. I may eventually tolerate a plastic beacon Whistle

Right end hook block will be the 18000's

Reeling soon... by Ironstef70, sur Flickr "/>

Next weekend will be reeling the Liebherr and operation trials. Pray


Playing with toys since 1970, now building them.
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